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John Feldmann



John’s daily routine is centered around making a gratitude a list with at least ten things he’s grateful for. That’s when his head is the loudest. He goes on the elliptical machine for 22 minutes because 20 minutes is the magic cardio number to conquer anxiety. If he doesn’t go on the elliptical machine it’s because he is boxing with a trainer. Then he goes for a hike with his dogs and makes his gratitude list on the hike. He screams “I Love My Life!” at the top of his lungs and when gets back to the house he meditates for 20 minutes with a mantra. Then he meditates again around 4pm.

Johnny Wujek

Being Creative


Building more of a routine now than he's ever had. Being more aware of himself and self love. Quitting smoking. Has kept a journal since sophomore year of high school. Shows you how far you've come. Going to the gym - healthy mind and body.

Mia Moretti

Writing Poetry


Mia's daily routine starts with her cup of coffee. Next to her coffee maker is a journal that says Follow Your Dreams, where she writes a poem to start each day while the coffee is brewing. She loves writing poetry. Her coffee poem is a thought, a wish, a word, a fear, or something creative and inspirational to start the day.

Jesse Saint John

Phone-Free Mornings & Centered Creativity

After waking up, he doesn’t look at his phone until he brushes his teeth, showers, drinks coffee and then goes on his amazing balcony. He always centers himself before his day starts. He does yoga which he loves so much and he tries to do meditation as much as possible. He opens himself up to whatever the day is going to be and lets go of tension and pre-conceived notions. That allows him to be creative and think objectively and to be efficient, kind, and funny.


Extreme Physical Activity

Harvey Mason

Physical Exercise


Harvey's daily routine starts with waking up at 5am to get his workout in before he goes to the studio. During his daily stretch before he begins exercising, Harvey makes a gratitude list of all the things he's grateful for in his life. After getting a solid workout in, Harvey heads to the studio and works for the rest of the day, often late into the night until he's too tired to continue.

She goes through different patterns, but her body and energy is extremely physical. She likes to do extremely challenging and physical things. No matter when she goes to bed, she wakes up at 6:40am every morning.  Then she goes running or does something physical every day. Sometimes she goes through meditation phases and sometimes her meditation is being physical itself. Sometimes to get ready creatively, she’ll listen to some of her favorite music to inspire her.




Every morning, he takes a minute and get present and have gratitude (some mornings take longer than others). He's big on meditation with breath work and guided meditations and loves finding his own truth and his own way by becoming one with what he envisions. Then he goes straight to the studio. His ritual before he does anything at all is based around his headspace. If he feels distracted by the world, he'll set up some incense and crystals in his studio and shut the world off.

He tries to accept things he can't control. All he has control over is his process, not what the song is going to do out in the world.

Julie Pilat



Every morning, religiously, she practices transcendental meditation. She'll wake up, prop herself up in bed, and meditate for 20 minutes before she looks at her phone, drinks coffee, or anything else. Then she makes sure to get in some physical activity in some form to set her day off on the right foot, whether that's going for a walk or doing some yoga. Then she'll start her workday.

Kim Petras



Every day she does something different. Where she finds consistency is in her songwriting routine, where she'll delete social media apps from her phone until she's finished, and then she'll reinstall them. It helps her really focus in to avoid the distraction of social media while she's songwriting. 


Workout, Diet, & a Good Read.

He wakes up 7:30/8am and tries not to look at his phone. Goes to hot yoga at 8:30am 2-3 days a week or personal training 2-3 days a week. Then he hits up Claudine’s or Sweet Butter at 10am for eggs, coffee and a good book.


Putting Pen to Paper


Every year since 2005 he's kept a blank paged book that becomes the container for ideas, how he's feeling, and what he's thinking. He saves all of them so now they're like an archive of his life. When he creates, the first thing he does when he gets to the studio is put pen to paper no matter where he's creating.


Tayla Parx

Taking Care of Animals


She changes it up depending on what she needs. She’ll start habits for a week or a month or however long she needs them. But no matter what she always hangs out with her dogs, smoke a j, and chills. She really likes spending time with her dog and caring for something outside of herself She always prioritizes aromatherapy, lighting, and caring for her dog. She focuses more on refueling herself after creative session than on rituals beforehand.

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