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Episode 1 3: THE TWO OF CUPS

Evan & Sarah

On Episode 13, we get Right To The Source of our OWN relationships with creativity as we dive deep into the incredible journeys we’ve each taken to get to where we are now. Join us on our Season 1 Finale as we interview each other and discuss what it truly takes to be a great collaborator, how to push through the difficult times of pursuing a career as an artist and the obstacles that we all face, the importance of patience and the acceptance of the up's & down's that come with having a creative career, the art of creating, sticking to and returning to a daily routine, the power of meditation, and of course, A Rose & A Thorn, The Daily and some of the Golden Nuggets that inspired us the most. PLUS, we revisit some of our favorite moments from RTTS Season 1!!! So let it go and let’s go…RIGHT TO THE SOURCE!⁠


Sarah: Walking & Meditation

It’s different for her a lot, but what she for sure does every single day is she wakes up, drinks a massive glass of water, orders coffee, and walks her dogs. The walks are a big deal for her. At some point during the day she meditates. It’s huge for her. She does at least 15 minutes, but if it’s a great day she’ll do up to 45 minutes. Meditation helps her feel centered. She also like to light something every day, whether that’s incense, palos alto, sage, whatever.

Evan: Getting Out of His Head

One thing he does every day is arguing with himself about doing his daily routine. On the good days, he alternates meditating with going to AA meetings, where he also gets out of his head. Meditating helps him get out of himself and focus on gratitude. He also does some sort of physical activity and drinks coffee, then starts off his day. On days when he doesn’t do this, he feel unbalanced, but it’s still a struggle to make himself do it. He also makes sure he shuts down the business side 30 minutes before he starts creating.






This time of year. The cold, sweaters, cozy. This time of year holds so many memories and nostalgia.


Thanksgiving. While she like getting together with family, she really doesn’t like what it’s based on.



Sarah and the podcast. He’s had so much fun and he’s so grateful for all of the time they’ve spent together working on it.



The first week of the year. Starting around January 4th he always feels intense anxiety and overloaded with pressure because everyone feels the need to pile on the work. His thorn is calendars in general and man-made constructs.





Her favorites from the season have been Hoffman Institute, which she was so glad she was able to experience and share with others through the podcast, and Kim Petras bringing her friend in as her support system and creative partner, because relationships with others really are the most important thing.


His favorites from the season were when Sarah brought The War of Art and read a random excerpt that ended up being amazing. He also loved the group poetry golden nugget brought in by Mia Moretti, and thinks they should find ways to do more of it!

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